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ASTM D3574 Air Flow Test

GS-MEC-F05 Ultra: Foam Porosity Tester

This porosity tester is used to measure the porosity of ￿flexible cellular polyurethane. The test principle is to place the specimen in a cavity, and the equipment automatically ap- plies continuous air pressure, then test how easy it is for the air to pass through the cellu- lar structure of the foam.

It is applied to the ASTM D3574 standard and suitable for three levels of low, medium, and high porosity foam. Customer can first set the pressure value on the touch screen, place the sample in a 50*50*25mm test cavity, and then a vacuum will be formed. After the test starts, the tester will automatically apply continuous air pressure, then reaches the differential value at a certain rate, and the test is completed.

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