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BS-12983-1 Cookware Handle Fatigue Tester

1. Equipment Description:

This equipment is designed for cookware handle fatigue test, such as cooking pan, pots etc. During test, continuously raising and lowering a loaded item of cookware from a surface covered with a 5 mm thick rubber plate at the frequency of 25 times per minute. Total run 15000 test cycles. Automatically stop when test cycles were up.

2. Equipment Test Standard:

EN 12983-1:2000 Cookware — Domestic cookware for use on top of a stove, cooker or hob.

3. Equipment Test Procedure:

● Place the cookware in the temperature of 150℃±5℃ oven for heat resistance test continue 1h.

● Attach the cookware securely to the apparatus, fix the test handle with clamp.

● Place into the cookware a loading equivalent to 1.5 times the mass of water at the capacity of the cookware.

● Run the test procedure, continuously raising and lowering the loaded test cookware for 15,000 cycles at a speed of 25 times/min. After that, remove the cookware from the apparatus then examine and record any permanent damage to the handle or fixing system.

4. Equipment Advantages:

● Machine equipped two sensors to detach if the handle broke or failure.

● Run the test procedure of continuously raising and lowering the loaded test cookware automatically based on EN 12983-1 standard.

● PLC touch screen control system, easy to operate and user friendly.

5. Equipment Technical Data:

Standard EN 12983-1:2000 Usage Test cookware handle fatigue performance Test Sample Cooking pan, pots, kettles Test Surface A rubber plate with thickness 5 mm and hardness 50 ± 10 Shore Test Frequency 5-30 cycles/min Test Cycles 1-99999 Control System PLC touch screen Operation Equipment Dimension 750*500*900mm (L*W*H) Equipment Weight 25Kg Power Supply 220V 50Hz