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Foam Hardness is the main factor that affects the comfort of products

When foams are used in furniture, car seats, sofa, mattress, etc…. Foam Hardness plays an important role in customer experience that affects the comfort of products.

At present many manufactures are still based on workers' experience to determine the hardness of foam samples. This does not fulfill the latest customer requirement and the future trend on digital transformation, factory 4.0, and big data analysis.

To make sure measurement result is reliable, repeatable and generate test result data for company analysis foam production formula. Therefore, it is very necessary to choose an accuracy and smart foam hardness testing machine to provide such data for analysis.

Great Safe GS-MEC F03 & F03 Pro Foam Hardness Testing System which is exquisite, and size is suitable placed on a desktop. Our foam hardness testing system can test polyurethane foam, latex foam, sponge rubber, and other foam products. We based on ASTM D3574, GB/T1087, ISO3386 foam hardness testing procedure to provide accurate results and export an analysis report to company analysis.

GS-MEC Foam testing series proved a full range of foam testing machines for further information please contact our specialist for free advice.

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