Mattress Rolling Tester

Mattress rolling tester assesses all types of mattresses' durability, including the innerspring, box springs, latex, or polyurethane mattress through simulating the repeated load application occurring during the long-term use. Moreover, the adoption of a lifting platform enables

bed/mattress combination durability tests.

It supports both ASTM F1566 & EN 1957 test methods, users can change the test roller and procedure as required flexibly. During the test process, the roller rolling over the mattress will traverse from side to side across the mattress simulating a realistic sleeping action. It

then identifies changes in its properties.


●GS-MEC-F08D Pro support bed/mattress combination durability test.

●The mattress can be centered and tested at the correct position automatically by the machine operated after inputting the mattress dimension.

● PLC touch screen control and operate the test procedure. All test parameters can be edited on-screen individually.

●ASTM F1566 & EN 1957 mattress rolling test can be performed through this all-in-one machine.

●The specimen is secured against slipping with side support profiles during the test.

●Non-standard tests with smaller loads can be carried out as well by reducing necessary weights

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