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This chair measuring device is used for verifying whether chair’s design meets ergonomic requirements through simulating the actual application that human body load on the chair’s

seat surface, backrest, arm. This consist of two major parts: CMD and CMD Placement Fixture.

It uses buttocks plate, back height measurement device, armrest measuring bar and other 7 types measuring devices to place on chair, then determine the chair dimension, angles and design.

Chair Measuring Device (CMD)

    • The CMD placement fixture is designed the triangular support structure to reduce tilt when loading the CMD.
    • We adopt the motor drive system to control the CMD up & down without manual operation.
    • The air-supply provide the test force, which can be adjustable via air pressure gauge.
    • We design a storage unit for CMD elements, help customers easy to find.
    • It is equipped with casters for easy movement by the user.
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