-Equipment Description:

This testing equipment is suitable to test the abrasion resistance for non-stick coatings on flat surfaces such as frying pans, saucepans, cooking pots, or ovenware, based on the BS 7069.  The machine will automatically keep the loaded abrasive pad onto the surface move to and fro over a distance on either side of the central point, or move the whole stroke from left to right. After it is up to the specified cycles and stopped, users need to rinse the abraded surface with clean water and examine it for damage that exposes the substrate.

Cookware Abrasion Tester

The structure of the machine is very stable

The operation is user-friendly

● Drive screw to enable the test fixture attached abrasive pad lift and down electrically, no need to manually adjust it onto the surface.

● It supports multi-task, three test modes can be selected. In mode 1, it can go to the central point automatically. Mode 2 and 3 can be self-defined.

● Equips four clamps to fix the cookware under test to ensure it is mounted rigidly.

● Equips the additional weight pan, If users need to add additional test load, they can put some steel balls into it before starting the test.

● The test process is very quiet, less than 40db.