This machine is suited for performing static and dynamic fatigue tests.
Compression test: ASTM 3574 IFD / ASTM 3574 IRGL / ISO 2439 / GBT 10807
Fatigue test: ASTM 3574 / ISO 3385 / GBT 18941

Dynamic Foam Testing Systems

● One machine can do both Compression Hardness and Fatigue Test

● Self-define test parameters. You can set up all parameters, like sample size, test speed, and cycles when your test beyond the standard requirements.
● The Control system is a PLC controller with a touch screen or universal test software with a computer that controls the test process, automatically collects data, user-friendly, and easy to use.
● Complete test standard, customer can choose one of them freely according to their demand.
● This whole test procedure is fully automated.
● The test result can be saved by USB or printed out.
● Two types machines can be optional. One is a vertical machine with a test stand, other is suitable for using on a desk.