Headspace Gas Analyzer is featured with handheld design and equipped with high precision sensors and air pump supplied by globally well-known manufacturers. It can provide accurate and fast evaluation of the volume of oxygen and carbon dioxide (with optional CO2 sensor) in sealed packages, bottles and cans, etc. Because of its portable design, the instrument can be used to measure the volume and proportion of oxygen and carbon dioxide on production lines, in warehouses or in laboratories, to serve as a guide for production.

Headspace Gas Analyzer

Testable Gases

O2 (Standard) /  CO2 (optional)

Test Principle


Test Range

0 ~ 100%



Test Accuracy


Sampling Volume

3ML ( standard mode)

Instrument Dimension

230mm (L) ×120mm(W) ×82mm(H)

Power Supply

220VAC±10% 50Hz / 120VAC±10% 60Hz

Net Weight

0.5 kg