This machine is mainly used for testing the durability of latch action and deadbolt mechanism. The test apparatus is capable of key rotation, inserting and withdrawing the key from the lock. The lock and latch are mounted on a suitable fixture, then run “the key moves from the unlocked to the locked position and back to the unlocked” test cycles.

Lock Fatigue Tester

Use servo motor. Ensure the position of the rotation angle is accurate.You can set the clockwise and counterclockwise angle separately.

PLC touch-screen control system. User-friendly and easy to operate.

Self-define setting. Customers can set all test parameters according to their own test requirements, such as turning or inserting speed, angles etc.

The lifting platform is controlled by electronic hand wheel, and adjust the center of the key hole more precise and flexible.

Not only run the key inserting and withdrawing test separately, but also the compound test of key rotation, inserting and withdrawing.