This test simulating the repeated application of loads and/or movement of components occurring during long-term use and assessing the strength of the mattress under such conditions and is a test is a procedure mainly intended to evaluate the change of the properties of the mattress caused by repeated loadings.

Mattress Durability and Hardness Combined Tester

The whole testing process is fully automatic. Customers just need to select the test, then input the correct size of the mattress, mattress will be moved to the inspection point without people operation.

● The machine can not only run durability, bed edge tests individually but also the integrated test of "Durability-Hardness" & " Bed edge- Hardness".

● The machine adopts a combination method of two control systems of “PLC+PC”. PLC is used to operate the test, PC is for data analysis.

● The accuracy of test data in strict accordance with EN 1957 standard requested.

● Our indicator light will flash three colors with different meanings in the process of the test.

During the test, the test curve can be displayed in real-time.

● The test result display can be printed out or save by USB flash disk.

● The machine is assembled in three pieces, it’s simple to install for the customer.

● The machine’s structure is stable and operation is easy.