Thickness Tester is designed based on mechanical contacting method, which effectively ensures standard and accurate test data and is applicable to thickness test of plastic films, sheets, diaphragms, paper, foils, silicon wafers and other materials within specified range.

Thickness Tester

Test Range

0~2 mm (standard)
0~6 mm, 12 mm (optional)


0.1 μm

Test Speed

10 times/min (adjustable)

Test Pressure

17.5±1 KPa (film)
±1 KPa (paper)

Contact Area

50 mm2 (film)
200 mm2
Note: Select one presser foot for film or paper; Customization is available

Instrument Dimension

400mm (L)×310 mm (W)×460mm (H)

Power Supply

AC 220V 50Hz

Net Weight

32 kg