This machine is used for testing whether ceramic utensils happens any changes in gloss or color due to detergent attack, that is mechanical dish-washing resistance of utensils.

During the test, it mainly adopts that unused specimens are immersed in a static solution of a specified alkaline dish-washing detergent at(75 ± 1) °C for a total of 32 hours test principle to measuring the dish-washing resistance of utensils. After test, the specimens are then examined visually and compared with similar, untested pieces to determine any changes in gloss or color resulting from detergent attack.

Utensils Dishwashing Resistance Tester


EN 12875-4


Stainless Steel

Machine Structure

1. Stainless steel tank for holding detergent solution.

2. Stainless steel rack for supporting specimens sperate them.

3. Circulating pump.

4. Temperature monitoring device.

Tank Temperature


Test Specimen

Ceramic utensils

(A minimum of four identical specimens)

Test Time


Test Solution

 At least 10L of specified alkaline dish-washing detergent

Machine Dimension

105*45*68cm (L*W*H)

Machine Weight

About 75kg