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How important for testing of hard and soft polymer foams for the automotive sector

For molded foams such as car seats and mattresses, indentation hardness is one of the most important characteristic values that determine their quality; for example, the comfort of the seat. The materials testing plays a very important role, such as ISO2439 and ASTM D3574 let Great Safe define the test sequences in detail.

The test method is based on a hardness measurement. A defined indenter penetrates a significantly larger surface area, while the applied force is continuously measured. The sequence consists of several preload cycles, in which cells are broken and the foam is brought to a mechanically defined state, which is followed by a measurement cycle. The result is represented in the form of force values, recorded in defined indentations after the set stop time has elapsed.

An advantage of this method over compressive stress is that it eliminates the impact of cutting edges. The measured value obtained represents a characteristic value, that is important for quality control.

Elastic foams

Elastic foams are aimed at the forefront of comfort. Its main properties are damping and insulation. Technical polyurethane foams are used for mattresses, upholstery for furniture and car seats, as well as for other purposes, including thermal and acoustic insulation. Soft foams are also used for filters, packaging, gaskets, and sponges.

Test methods are specified in many ISO standards and ASTM D3574. Automobile seat backs and seats are typically tested according to factory standards. Manufactories can use foam compression hardness tester, can support the test method established by the automotive industry OEM, to develop their best formula of elastic foams.

Great Safe can develop a tailor-made frame base on the Automobile car seat or mattress factory demand. The large molding foams can be comfortably placed in the desired test position contact our service engineer for a specific testing solution.

At last but not least Great Safe also supplies test equipment for foam density, foam porosity, foam rebound ration, and foam durability.

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