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How to check Children’s Safety Barrier Safe?

Children’s Safety Barrier mainly protects babies in a safe area to avoid accidental injury. Our Safety Barrier Testing Machine can find the safe and reliable barrier as per international standard, can be identified as withstanding the “attack power” of a 24- month-old baby and ensuring that the barrier does not cause the risk of harm to the baby.

Four “attack power” our machine simulate:

1: The height of the barrier effectively prevents the bay from climbing out :

Apply a force of 250 N > Determine the footholds

2: The barrier has the risk of pinching the baby?

There should be no shearing or crushing points between 5-12mm

3: Effectiveness of Safety barrier fixing, locking device, and opening system:

Test frequency: 120RPM / Test times: 1,000 times

4: The barrier is firm and stable and has impact resistance:

Test frequency: 2Hz / Test force: 140N / Test times: 10,000 times

(Reference standard: EN 1930, ASTM F1004-19, SOR/2016-179)

For more information, please check Great Safe YouTube channel:

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